Aerial Application

The Most Efficient Way to Get the Job Done

Crabbe Aviation operates both fixed and rotor wing aircraft which enables us to give our customers the best results for the aerial application job requested. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide the customer with proven treatments and successful results. We can apply a wide range of products to meet our customers preference with no job being too small or large.

Each airplane and helicopter is equipped with GPS guidance systems with flow controllers for accurate and precise placement of product to the treatment area. We welcome your shape files, maps and email requests of the areas you would like applications performed.

Since Crabbe Aviation began in 1998, we have continued to enhance our services to include all aspects of aerial application including:

  • Row Crop & Forestry Fertilization
  • Row Crop Disease, Insect and Weed Control
  • Cover Crop Seeding
  • Herbicide Treatment for Forestry Cutover (Pine Release)
  • Gypsy Moth Control
  • Mosquito Abatement
  • Phragmite Eradication
  • Pasture & Rangeland Weed Control
  • Other Specialty Applications (Testing for US Government)

The Benefits of Aerial Application

  • Pays for Itself and Puts More Money in the Grower's Pocket
  • Faster, More Efficient and Economical
  • No Ground Compaction or Wheel Tracks
  • Will Not Spread Disease from Field to Field
  • Reliable, Complete Coverage with GPS Systems
  • Even Rate of Application with Flow Control Technology